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Blue dragons are washing up on the Padre Island National Seashore

Guests to the Padre Island Nationwide Seashore in Texas are discovering blue dragons throughout their journeys, and although it will not be the flying, fire-breathing creatures their identify could recommend, it is nonetheless “a uncommon discover,” the park says.

Hunter Lane, a 7-year-old from Mesa, Arizona, discovered 4 dragons inside a couple of minutes on Might 2 whereas vacationing together with his dad and mom. His father, Trey Lane, instructed CNN he is been vacationing on the seashore for 30 years, and he is by no means seen one.

“Hunter loves sea creatures and thought he had discovered a blue button jellyfish,” Trey mentioned. “After they picked it up in a seashore toy he proclaimed to me that he had found a brand new species!”

Blue dragons, or glaucus atlanticus, are tiny sea slugs — usually solely three cm large, or just a little over an inch. They are often discovered within the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, in response to the conservation nonprofit Oceana.

However despite the fact that the creatures aren’t almost as giant as dragons, they pack a imply punch. Blue dragons eat Portuguese man o’ wars, which appear like giant jellyfishes, and retailer stinging cells from their prey to make use of for the long run, in response to Oceana. So, when people contact these little slugs, it may launch the stinging cells and create a sting that may harm greater than a person o’ struggle’s.

“So, when you see a dragon within the park, be amazed as they’re a uncommon discover, but in addition hold your distance!” warns the nationwide seashore.

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Just lately, many guests to the seashore have seen the dragons, Jamie Kennedy, a spokeswoman for the park instructed CNN. She mentioned the surge could possibly be the results of a bunch washing up on the shore. Nonetheless, in her two years of working on the nationwide seashore, Kennedy mentioned she hasn’t heard of anybody seeing them till now.

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